This is a Thank You to all of those I'm privileged enough to call Friends. Through my love of fashion dolls I have met the most kind, loving and extraordinary group of people. Whether it's from collecting, customizing or plain admiration on my part, you have enriched my life so much with who you are and how you've let me share your life. We might not see each other all the time or email every day but I love you all. I know most of you can say the same. Feel free to post a shout out to your special friends in the Comments section.

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Andymy said...

You meet people and you will meet more in the future.I even discovered 2 nice boys both doll lovers that i respect and admire... even envy them a little :P. i know the feelings of knowing people that loves what you love. keep up the good work you are doing ;) and take care... Andymy