How Hooked Are You?

We laugh, but there's a reason doll collecting shares the same language as drug addiction. How many times have you heard or maybe even said these phrases: "Who's your dealer?", "I need a fix", "I'm having withdrawals", "I can stop any time" or "Who'd you blow to get that??". I believe I've said all of these at one time or another and sometimes in the same conversation. Being collectors, I think it comes with the territory. 

The question I pose, today, is how serious a collector are you and how far will you go to feed your addiction? I'm not interested in judging anyone or making anyone feel badly about their choices at all. I am, however, very interested in the conversation. Serious collecting brings about little moral dilemmas all the time. Do these even occur to you anymore or are there some instances that make you pause?

A dealer that has done your friend seriously wrong in the past is given a gorgeous exclusive of your favorite sculpt. Do you buy the doll? You receive a purchase with a tiny flaw. You know you'll keep the item anyway because you love it but do you tell the seller in hopes of getting a partial refund? You find out about an amazing sale before anyone else. You know of someone who really wants the sale items but is a blabber mouth. Do you tell the someone and possibly blow your own chances of snagging cheap loot? 

Post as anon or Tweety Bird if you feel more comfortable but spill. 


Anonymous said...

I find that I'm seriously more addicted to clothing. I love having my dolls to model the clothing; and with all the wig play available, it makes it easy for a doll to change her character. Fashion dolls were/are meant to wear fashions, so I choose to invest my money there, rather than on more dolls. I find that with some clothing items, it becomes a need, more than just a want, like I feel with some dolls.

And in answer to your last string of questions:
a. No, because I prefer repaints. And dolls can be changed, wigs, rerooting, etc.

b. I always try to exhaust all options prior to asking for a refund, as it leaves me with a better conscience and it shows the seller that you do respect them.

c. It depends on the item, lol, but...most likely, I'd say something as I'd want someone to tell me about a sale if they knew I wanted something. And in this case, it's you snooze you lose, LOL.

Algesiras said...

I know I'm hooked because I spend literally HOURS some days to take care of my dolls or my forum (I'm the admin of a french forum about BJDs and other dolls). I like to spend my time searching for the right outfit (often more than doing shopping for ME O_o), or taking pics of my dolls, or talking with other collectors, etc.

But I'm not hooked *enough* to think dolls are worth fighting. If I miss an opportunity, I will groan but that's all. Maybe it's beacuse I'm often in others conflicts because of my admin status but I know where to stop. And when I have an info, I share it. I love this hobby and all the great & creative people I met since I started, I love my dolls, but they are only dolls. ^^

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Sam!
But in spite of the fact that I own a very nice collection, with some mouth watering pieces, no, I don't think I am hooked in the unlimited sense that you are asking us about here.

I do have rotten experiences, with at least 3 dealers, and I do not buy from them. Not ever again. Period. No matter what they have to offer. (And you would be surprised by 1 of these 3 names).
And just this week, I did alert a friend of mine in the U.S. to an exclusive doll, that I have not yet reserved for myself. I told myself to not buy anything anymore, no new dolls, until the end of this year. Until 2 people have delivered to me what they owe me. And that is a struggle! But actually, I have no problems with the "no more buying" decision now.
For me, dolls, and my other passion, (human sized) fashion jewelry, has always been about PEOPLE first. I keep going back to sellers who have become more than just a seller. I never understood the feelings of jealousy, so perhaps in that sense I do not really belong in the world of doll collectors anyway.
Last month, I spent on fashion jewelry what I would normally spend on dolls. And I am a lot happier now.


Kristy said...

I think I would be more addicted if I had actually had money to spend! lol

I haven't bought a doll in at least a year and haven't bought any clothing/jewels/etc in quite a few months. I DO love to drool over other peoples stuff, on eBay, on doll boards, on sites like Halo, and at dealer sites.

As for the qiestions you asked my answers are

1. Most likely not.
2. Nope
3. Yes