Posting Schedule

My aim is to post at least once a day about something relevant to our passion, fashion dolls.

Each Monday I will publish a trend report on the Empire Clothing page of the blog. I thought it would be a nice kick off to the week and will give you the next 6 days to follow up on looks or shopping. The first one is up so take a look!

Wednesday is Tip day. (If I can I might squeeze another one in during the week but you'll at least have one to get you over the hump). I will be sharing tips on repainting, collecting, photographing, etc. and recruiting some of my friends to share as well.

As new ideas come up I'll be sure to add them to the schedule.


Algesiras said...

Ooh congrats on the new blog! I will follow this with great interest!<3

Sam said...

Thanks, Algesiras! I'm so pleased you'll be checking!!