Trend Feature: The Sweater

It's definitely one of the items that I hoard for both myself and my dolls. Sweaters are always a must in Fall, but the past few years' trends have stressed the lightweight version for layering. A delicate balance indeed, especially in 1:6 or 1:4 scale.

Many years ago I decided to make my own sweaters for Gene out of socks as I couldn't knit and Tonner hadn't made any yet. They were crude, bulky and sadly stitched but looked really cute with pencil skirts.

You have my permission to laugh

Imagine my excitement when I discovered Paul and Sherry Fang's knit ensembles a couple of years ago! With the tiniest of stitches and a huge array of color, their knit work quickly became a staple in many collections. From tanks to sweaters to cardigans to dresses and skirts, Sherry managed to make knit sexy and fashionable while maintaining affordability.

A while back Sherry and Paul stopped making knits and focused their production on shoes and boots. Although I am very grateful to have their creativity addressing our girls' footwear needs, I was sad at the thought of not having these beautiful pieces to look forward to.

Great news though! I contacted Sherry this week and learned that not only is she in the process of making more knitwear but that the eBay auctions will start as early as next week. Do yourself a favor and make sure you pick up at least one. Your girls will thank you. eBay ID: paul_zhangby


Algesiras said...

Awesome news, It's like you've read my mind! ^^
I was also browsing their ebay pages these last months, sighing because I couldn't find their knits anymore.
Also, I don't like knits with shining/glittering stuff so my choice is often limited.
I only have 2, one in FR size and one in Tyler size, but I adore them.

Sam said...

I was doing the same thing! I love the shoes and will cover those at a later date but all the changing leaves made me nostalgic for their pages and pages of sweaters!

I don't like gimmicky knits for the most part (unless I'm looking for something specific). I want something that I would buy for me. I should pick some up for the smaller dolls this time around. They make perfect "Sweater Girls"!

Stacy Leigh said...

The little grey vest sweater is beautiful! Your blog is a great read. Thanks for being you!


Sam said...

Stacy, you just made my day. Not only did I find that I can just be me and be awesome (lol) but I discovered your blog as well. o.m.g. you're amazing!! Am now very happy to publicly follow you. Thank you!

MJ said...

Stacy and Sam, two of my FAVES! <3

Kristy said...

I have a gorgeous pink sweater done by them, it is so perfect!