The Creative Process

I love that quiet you get when you're working on a doll and tunnel vision sets in. You don't turn on the TV, emails go unanswered, blog articles are late (lol), all because you have an idea that won't take "no" for an answer. Such was the case this week. Haloween has always been my most creative time so to have painter's block in October was a major bummer. Now that the dam is open, it's been most interesting.

I set out to do a Nymph in the vein of my last, Undine only to realize I was out of mohair and went to the store to pick some up only to find they don't carry it anymore (thanks, Universe, grumble grumble). So I hit the internet looking for mohair and there were so many different kinds and colors I never knew about! I ordered a small buffet that I wouldn't have normally and was eager to get on with the nymph but had to wait on the mohair to be delivered (thanks, Universe :( ) so I begrudgingly started on Ouija. 


I had intended for Ouija to be Skrybe, a different Wytch altogether. I bought the doll with Skrybe in mind, picturing how to do her hair and what to add to her to make her who she was. As I was working through my block and deciding to change up the colors and tone her expression compared to Wytches past, she slowly morphed into someone else (thanks, Universe :P). Now I could have forced her to be what I wanted and worked against what was emerging, I could have wiped her clean and started fresh and maybe when I was younger I would have. But I've learned that this is all part of the creative process. Sometimes you'll have a clear cut idea from start to execution and it stays that way or sometimes the universe knows better. You have to be open to receiving the ideas though and welcome the discovery instead of fight against it. With her eyes complete and her long quiet hair it hit me who she was and that excitement took her the rest of the way. 


With Ouija finished and the mohair arrival, I went to work scalping my wicked witch. I dyed the mohair the color I wanted, trolled her and expected to have her done quickly. Enter the Universe again. The same week I also received a gift from a friend, a scalped nude Glamorous Red. I wasn't expecting her until next month and I really didn't know what I was going to do with her but I figured she was already bald so she might as well get mohair too. As I held the different colors up to her head, suddenly it clicked as to who she was and I was obsessed with getting her done! I have had this doll kicking around in my head for years now but nothing was quite right. I couldn't settle on a sculpt or hair color so she was shelved but here she was: My first Fury. She needed the mohair to work and only then would she be worthy of using these horns I'd held onto for 12 years, waiting of the perfect doll. With her pale skin, strong face and hint of Kabuki make-up, she was everything I ever wanted. Thanks, Universe :)


So now my attention is back on the water nymph. Who knows if I'll be able to finish her this week or if there is some greater plan but I'm open to it and so thankful to the Universe for carrying me through my block.