Halloween Designer Spotlight: Kari of Liquid Sunshine

Kari burst onto the 1:4 scale clothing scene with her Basix line of trendy casual wear. Hand made and distressed, they are all Kari. Not satisfied with taking clothes to the streets, she pushed her fabric to the limits in creating ZOMBIEwear, clothing constructed with the sole purpose of being ripped to pieces! An obvious choice for a designer spotlight this month, when I contacted Kari for pictures for the feature she responded by whipping up her latest ZOMBIEwear Halloween offerings for brand new eye candy! Kari shares with us some sneak peaks of the outfits soon for auction and a glimpse into what inspires her to create. 

S: (Question of the Month) What is it about Halloween that gets your creativity going?
K: I love how dark and slightly creepy it is.  I love to explore my darker side, and love to mix fabrics and textures.  Halloween fashions let you be free in design and totally let go and have fun!

S: What inspired you to make ZOMBIEwear?

K: Actually ZOMBIEwear was inspired by a wicked awesome repaint by Kedra Manning, Hollow Eve.  She was a beautiful but dark repaint with gorgeous green skin.  She was so well done and took me to another place in my mind just looking at her.  I had a back-story for her form immediately and thought of what she might have been wearing at her death, and then how it would look up from the dead.  That started the whole dark world of ZOMBIEwear.  I've been so inspired to keep creating and having so much fun dreaming up destroyed fashion.

Thanks, Kari, for sharing with us! You can find Kari's Basix, ZOMBIEwear and repaints at LiquidSunshineOnline. Check out Kari's auctions here: Liquidsunshinedolls

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