Trend Feature: Fayrie Wear

This week's theme is Fayrie Wear. From how to mix and match to DIY projects, I'll teach you how to "fairy up" your girls for the holiday. Today I'm showing you how to mix Fayrie Wear with Tonner factory items you might already have.

One of the best things about Fayrie Wear is that you can tailor it to your taste. Your Fayrie can dress classically with matching colors and an overall pretty feel. Some of the older Tonner pieces work really well for this. Try a Fayrie Wear top or corset with the Tonner Flock Together feather skirt or the Date Night skirt from the Bewitched series. Cinderella's original outfit pulls double duty: The top is great for a renaissance feel when paired with the Fayrie skirts, while the skirt is cute with Fayrie tops.

Antoinette by Yu

I like my Fayries a little more eclectic. In my world they have a different aesthetic than us as they like to show off a lot of their found treasures at once. There may be colors that match but then the patterns won't. Bits of brocade, swatches of chiffon, fluffy poufy whimsy with a little ragged around the edges because they wear their dresses like jeans. The perfect outfit for this look is from Sinister Circus' Lucine. 

Halo Cristina
Here I have paired the top with the Purple Overskirt and Purple Tulle Skirt (necklace by IT). I like that the top picks up the colors in the batik but is it's own piece, it doesn't fade into the background or draw too much attention. 
Sydney by Laurie Leigh

Likewise, I have paired the skirt and leggings with the Black Brocade Top. There's a nice harmony of colors without it being too matchy matchy. 

If you like your Fayrie a little more modern, try mixing in some stripes or cut off shirts. The striped tights from The Gift Analisse are one of my favorite go to pieces. Use them with the Animal Print Overskirt or with the Black or White Peasant Shirts and a corset. Here I mixed previous Empire looks together for a relaxed and trendy feel. Top and leggings from Spring '07, leggings from Summer '07, belt from Fall '06, skirt and hat from Fayrie Wear '08, boots from '09

Antoinette by Yu

Finally, if Fayries aren't your thing, you can still incorporate the pieces for cool looks. Use the tulle skirts to create a ballerina. Pair the peasant tops with jeans. One of my favorite pieces is the Vest Corset. You can pair it with Fayrie Wear, jeans, gowns or a suit and it still looks like it belongs. Here I have paired it with Ghost of Christmas Past's dress, a Fayrie choker, a cool hat from Superfrock, boots from Tonner's Lady G and the goggles from Dollcis for a Steampunk look.

Dae Jang Geum by Jigamaree

I hope you take this week to discover the joys of making your own fairy. They're fun but also say a lot about you. 

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