Trend Feature: The Statement Necklace

The "statement necklace" has been a piece for the ages, ie: Cleopatra with her Egyptian collars; Catherine the Great's royal gems; oversized pieces from the 70's. The most recent revival is the 80's version with twisted pearls and chains, medallions and charms. there will be a couple more seasons of the 80's revival before we turn to 90's minimalism so now is a great time to hop on the bandwagon. 

Model: Dae Jang Geum in Empire necklace and brocade dress, Tonner belt and Monique wig

Empire Pieces

Being small myself, I've always been aware of clothing and accessory proportions. Possibly an even harder task than making quiet, "to scale" jewelry for dolls is making large pieces while keeping the scale intact. Chain can be slightly larger but not too large. Charms can be a little larger as well but can easily look like they belong on an MSD sized doll instead of your 16" girl if you're not careful. Because of this I am drawn to medium sized pieces which have a lot of detail and often a bright splash of color. This gives you the impact without getting too costume-y. 

Ebay has always been a great resource for everything, particularly OOAK artisan pieces. Here are a couple from my personal collection. One is a beaded collar by Leigh, the other a hammered brass piece by an unknown artist. 

One of my "go to" statement designers has always been Odetta. She makes gorgeous colorful rhinestone necklace sets which can dress up basic black or compliment your favorite red carpet look. She's very thoughtful about which beads to use and how to get the most out of a rhinestone finding. Odetta seems to specialize in turning shapes and colors that you wouldn't think to use into treasure.
Odetta's sales

Necklaces by Odetta, Syd by Kristen

I recently acquired my own statement necklace! My grandmother always sends me jewelry that I can take apart for my birthday. Along with some very useful peices was this colorful beaded collar that I coudn't dream of dismantling. Little did she know (or did she??) that I had been searching for the right sized necklace for myself. It sits perfectly on my collarbone, reflects both my hair and eye color and is oh so trendy right now. This weekend I paired it with a black tunic, black leggings, a black draped jacket and ankle boots. Gorg! Thank you, Nanny :) 

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