An Ode to Amphitrite: Part 1

I sat down to write the article and 4 hours later I find that it's pretty freaking long. I'm splitting it up into 4 parts with resculpting shown today, hair Thursday, paint Friday, and pulling it all together Saturday. 

Some dolls happen in a flash, like Tisiphone. I received the doll, inspiration hit and a few days later she was there, in the flesh so to speak. Other dolls are the opposite. You start them at one time, decide to put it down for awhile and don't get to it again for months, sometimes years. Amphitrite took the long road to get here.


I knew early this year that I wanted to try another nymph. Undine has always been one of my most popular dolls so I figured I'd make her a sister. For the first time on a WW sculpt, I started by taking the Dremel to her nose. I'd obviously worked with this sculpt before but I really wanted a different look. Wicked Witch has the most beautiful bone structure and I think Tonner Co. could have themselves a brand new bestseller if they took the mold and resculpted the nose. I like that it's distinctive which is why I wouldn't change WW herself, but making her a younger sister who repaired a "deviated septum" would be awesome. I mean, she's already green, throw the girl a bone! 


Although I've done a lot of resculpting, most has been on Matt's jawline which has a wide working surface and is usually also covered with some sort of scruff. Noses are tricky though. First you have to make sure you have the nose straight. Check that mirror to make sure you're not veering off to the side. You have to control how much comes off and make sure it's in proportion to the other features. Finally the hardest part, getting in the crevices and smoothing out with sandpaper/emery board/acetone to make it look like the rest of the face. I got done Dremeling, realized how much work I had left to do on the nose alone, put her back in the box and carried on with my life. 

The end of September rolled around and I made a list of the dolls I wanted to create for the Month of Magic. Undine's sister came to mind again so I pulled out a greenie. By this time I had forgotten about the half resculpted nose, pulled out the box at random, opened it and gave an, "Oooohhh", half "Oh, right! Great" and half "Oh. Sh$%.". But in embracing my new appreciation for synchronicity, I went with it. While working on smoothing out and blending in the nose I would work on other dolls. I had to or I would have gotten impatient and made a mess of things. The nose itself took about a week but it had to be right or there was no point to finishing the doll in my mind. 

With the nose done I set about working on the hair, which you will read about tomorrow morning. Til tomorrow! 


ANGELS Doll Studio said...

She's absolutely amazing, Sam! I am totally in love with this doll! Just sold a greenie this year that I originally bought to make a mermaid with. Regretting it now. LOL I laughed so hard when you wrote your reaction to the doll who was mid dremel. I totally relate to that. I have a Matt in my backstock who surfaces now and again to haunt me with his face that looks like he got too close to a weed whacker. SOMEDAY the poor guy will get finished...or..he may end up in the circular file. :P xo Laurie

Sam said...

Aww :))) Thanks!!!!

LOL OMG, right? I have a Russell like that now! I had delusions of grandeur that I could make him handsome like Dalila's done so wonderfully in the past and somehow took out a chunk of his nose and lips LOL. He sits on my desk, taunting me with his massacre. Should just put him out of my misery LOL.

MJ said...

Kermieeeee!!!!! ;-) XOXO Love ya!

AuntLou said...

Couldn't you ultra talented and skilled persons do something unique with those dolls you mentioned? Perhaps it would take too much of your time and not a result you would love. This intrigues me!!

Sam said...

Welcome, Lou!

It intrigues me too! I have plans for mine for sure and now have the added challenge in making him devastatingly handsome and we all know how I like a challenge LOL. But not without taking some "before" pictures for educational purposes of course ;)

Loudolly/Aunt said...

Looking forward to this one, Sam! B)