An Ode to Amphitrite: Part 2

I fully intend to address mohair and all that it includes in my "Hair Month", January.

When I paint I usually get the eye shape and brows sketched in and then I have a look at the hair. I do any kind of perm first because I don't want to risk ruining the face later. Also with the hair framing the face, it helps me decide feature proportions. Of course there's room to tweak it later but I like setting my parameters.  

Undine had been trolled, part amazing wig by Deb West and part extensions, and I intended to keep the look going with this nymph as well. I had used a different type of mohair last time to match the wig. It was curly and thick. The mohair I ordered this time had been straightened and was really long which worked great with this vision I had of excessive amazing nymph-y hair! I decided to change it up from the light green and use a light teal instead. The hair dyed beautifully and ended up a light blue-green with highlights of sky blue and lowlights of smokey blue and mauve. 

Undine and her gorgeous hair

I like parts in my mohair so I began to root in the part and hairline only to find the mohair actually wasn't that long! The hair was woven into each other so if you were careful you could separate it into the really long strands but it became apparent that I was going to have to anchor it all the way down so it wouldn't break apart. Crap. There went my original dream. Then I remembered this picture I had saved awhile back of Mary Kate in her dread stage and I became newly inspired. Besides, all that hair in the ocean would be a hot mess if she didn't keep it together somehow! I was on the job! I glued in the rest of the hair strands, carefully making sure they remained intact and anchored them with sterling jump rings. With the hair secure I was free to start painting. 

Amphitrite's hair inspiration

Tomorrow I'll explain the painting process. Till then! 

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