An Ode to Amphitrite: Part 4

Questioning myself and unsure of what to do next, I picked greenie up Monday morning, had a good look at her and realized my problem was not the color or the shape of anything. It was starting a doll with one intention, changing intention midstream and not committing to either. Much like some pencil drawings look better before they are colored, sometimes a thing needs to be a thing for what it is. I intended for this nymph to be an art doll and she needed to be an art doll with everything that entailed. 

Suddenly my block was gone! I fleshed out her eyes and they came alive. I found the balance I was looking for with her make up. The lip shape never really was in question. WW has slim lips and I wanted to maintain that look so I worked with the bottom lip instead of giving her trout pout. The Mona Lisa smile was staying. And you know what? So was the sunkissed look! And the freckles! She turned from a simple nymph to "Tell Tale Heart", a nymph in love with a human and it was literally written all over her face. I loved it! Now it was back to the hair!

I pulled out all of the sea related trinkets I could find and them some and set about attaching them throughout her hair. I included pieces of a bracelet I purchased in Hawaii on my senior trip, pink and coral colored shells from necklaces, rhinestones, quartz and pearls...anything I thought a sea maiden would find and attach through the years under water. 

Finally at almost 12am the same day I was thinking of shelving her, here she was: The doll she was supposed to be. But her voyage wasn't quite over. The next day I dressed her in a simple but flattering gown and took her photos. I didn't notice before but she has this gaze that at once looks into you and far away like she can see for miles. Her face was that of a woman, not a girl with a crush. Together with the length of her hair, this was a creature who had been around for a long time and knows the world. She almost looks like she should be surrounded by little sea children. She's confident, secure, protective, strangely yet naturally beautiful with a kind heart and a sharp wit. It was at that moment I knew she was Amphitrite, Goddess of the Sea. I will do an actual "Tell Tale Heart" one day and she will be sweet and in love but I know I made the right decision. 


MJ said...

I love her! XO

AuntLou said...

Not usually into fantasy/sci fi & all, but she's amazing. congratultions!!