Secret Santa Gift Guide Pt. 2

If you're seeking clothes and accessories that fit in your $25 Secret Santa Swap budget, look no further. I have a great array of designers ready to take your orders! Remember, no matter what you are looking for, always ask about shipping costs and times as this will factor into your gift as well.

Boxpleat Fashions
Kim Hartvigsen of Boxpleat Fashions is famous for her high quality and affordability. I've seen the frenzy first had at conventions and it's completely deserved. Classic staples never looked so good or cost so little. Not everything is listed on her site so email for availability and peeks at unseen exclusives! Boxpleat k@boxpleat.com

Alwin Roos

For something completely different, check out Alwin Roos Originals. Much like Forever 21, he makes fun, fresh trendy clothes for next to nothing! Every color you can think of, every sized doll you are shopping for, he's got you covered. Mention your order is for a Secret Santa gift and receive a discount. How great is that?? Btw, Alwin is hoping Santa brings him 16" doll shoes. Thank you, Santa, in advance. Alwin Roos Originals

If Old Navy is more along your tastes, try Kimberlee of Hazel Street Dezigns. She has well made staples for the modern crowd and her Ultimate Skinny Jeans are to die for! She has gift certificates available for the season so hit her up on Etsy. Hazel Street Dezigns

Hazel Street Dezigns for 12"
Hazel Street Dezigns

I guess it goes without saying but *cough* Empire *cough* has some pretty good stuff with free shipping of Secret Santa stuff and Doris still has some goodies in her salesroom as well. 'Nuff said.

Now for a super cool accessory, have a look at Forever Virginia's glasses. These genius items are printed on plastic that you cut out. They come in many different sizes, from 1:6 scale to an 8/9 BJD head, and at as little as $5 a sheet they won't blow your budget! Forever Virginia

Forever Virginia Sunglass set for 1:6 scale

Finally, for a little something for the stocking, try Doll Secrets, with their lingerie, stockings and tights to fit a large range of dolls. Check out this underwear and stocking set for CED that runs $15!

Doll Secrets

For props over every kind, check out seller rufis1966 on eBay. They are in Canda so you need to check shipping times and costs but they have some pretty reasonable items that are great for those who love to build dioramas. Many different eBay sellers offer a wide array of shoes too. Check out: paul_zhangby for shoes and toysity for shoes and clothes. Again, they are overseas so make sure your items will arrive in time.

If Etsy is more your speed then look under Dolls and Miniatures. Without even searching I found these great slippers for 18" dolls for $5! Imagine what you can find if you actually have a direction to go in.

Tomorrow I will have lists for actual humans in case you want to add something in there for the person behind the doll.

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