Secret Santa Gift Guide

It's that time of year again! A lot of boards are doing gift swaps with $25 limits and since I'm excellent at helping other people spend their money lol, I thought I'd suggest some places to shop.

The most important key to giving a gift is knowing your recipient. You don't have to know them personally but you should know what they like. Yes, you can ask the standard questions: What do you collect? Is there something you are hoping for? Etc. I suggest looking at their past posts to get a feel for their tastes. If they share pictures, what's in them? Do they like a certain designer, color, season? Maybe they enjoy dioramas and you can find something to add to it? A little checking will go a long way. As long as the gift speaks to them and will be used, $25 is more than enough.

Alternately, there is no shame in giving gift certificates. If you are at a complete loss for what to give then this could be the right choice for you. You can always give a $10 gift certificate along with a physical gift as well. I know I'd much rather get a gift certificate and pick out something I'll use than get something that was bought for the sake of buying, namely because I feel bad about wasted money on their part. When giving gift certificates I like to add candy and make it festive looking to make it a little more personal. Now onto the gifts!

I'll start off with jewelry. It's little so it's easy to ship for those who don't like messing with the post office. You don't have to spend your whole $25, maybe just pick up a $15 set, but everyone likes a little holiday sparkle. Each of these places feature jewelry for all doll sizes.
Dior in Cloud 9

Karin at Cloud 9 Dolls has been my go-to gal for perfectly scaled pieces for  years. This season she's put together mystery grab bags in silver tone, gold tone or mixed options. There is is a $10 bag with $15 value or a $20 bag with $35 value. Her online store has a generous offering to look through or she has gift certificates available. Cloud 9 Dolls

MA Sienna in Shiloh Winter

Shiloh of Shiloh Winter Jewelry has a great variety of fun, themed and colorful pieces and is currently working on a holiday themed line which will be available soon. There really is something for everyone and at fantastic prices. Such talent and only 15 years old! Gift certificates are available at the bottom of the home page. Shiloh Winter Jewelry

Mirasol in Facets by Marcia

For some true holiday sparkle, look no further than Facets. Marcia has been providing quality rhinestone jewelry for years of course but her store has become one stop central with everything from shoes to wigs to BJD eyes to furniture. Facets

Finally, for some truly interesting pieces, check out de-zyns by Joy. She has a wide assortment of bead work, accessories and even adorable pets! de-zyns by Joy

de-zyns by Joy
de-zyns by Joy

What do you do if you get an artsy person? Gift certificates to Michael's or Jo-Ann's are always a good idea. You can also ask if there's a specific art store they prefer/brush they like/sealer they're out of. Dick Blick has everything under the sun. If you want something a little more original, check out Etsy's Supply category. They have all the craft gear you could possibly ask for. Pick up some charms, beads or fabric, all very reasonable. Just make sure the size is appropriate for the dolls they work with. A vintage scarf or jewelry they can take apart is great too. Oh and we're always looking for great hand lotions that moisturize without being too greasy. Can't stain that fabric! Aveda makes a good one but any of the True Blue Spa line from Bath and Body Works is perfect too.

Tomorrow I will cover clothing and props.

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