You're Worth It

First, let's all have a moment of silence for my curling iron. It finally died this Friday after many years of dutiful styling. But with it's death would come a powerful mid-life lesson. 

It was a Revlon 2" barrel $12 cheapie from Wal-Mart. I was proud of my departure from the seemingly juvenile 1" barrel. Only kids wanted curls that tight, I was an adult now and knew how to spend my money wisely. It traveled the states with me, made sure I was feeling my best at conventions and the such. It lasted much longer than I had expected which made me even prouder of my shopping wisdom. When I heard the "click" of a now broken button and the rattle of plastic inside the handle, I was immediately sad...and excited at the same time.

You see, 2 years ago for Christmas I was given a T3 Pro curling iron. It's not cheap. It's really damn cool actually. But while I can buy two of a doll outfit I like just "because", I am notoriously stingy when it comes to myself, technology in particular. I won't replace something until it breaks, even if it will make my life infinitely easier. I get crap about it all the time but I see no reason to pay an extra $100 to upgrade my phone with gadgets I'll never use when my current phone is perfectly good. I know, I know, this was a gift. I just couldn't in good conscience open up another curling iron when my own worked so well. So there it sat.

Friday I finally ripped open the pink T3 box. It was like nothing I've seen! The barrel is so smooth. The handle seemed to be balanced like a great knife and it felt amazing in my hand. The cord is designed so it doesn't get twirled around into knots and even comes with attached velcro for easy storage. And my curls! They actually stayed "curly" longer than usual! And the thought popped into my head before Stingy Me had a chance to berate it into place, "Why the hell didn't I do this sooner???"! Wasn't I worth it?

The fact is we're all worth it! We just get so used to talking ourselves out of it for whatever reason: money, priorities, little sacrifices. I have jars of La Mer sitting around because I feel uncomfortable slathering something on my face that costs more than a car payment; lipsticks that only come out on special occasions. It stops now because at this rate I'll die with a bunch of stuff that I never got to use as I was saving it for something special. You know what? "I'm" special!! And you're special! And that should be enough! So pull out that cashmere in the back you save for "special" nights and wear it to breakfast with jeans! Wear that $50 red lipstick during the day! Show off your figure now while you have it! 'Cause that cautiously spent bottle of perfume isn't going to mean much when you're gone. 

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