The Perfect Doll

Christmas is the time for wishes so let's put our collective heads together and wish for the perfect doll! But who is she? Has she even been made yet? I know "perfect" means different things to different people but there are some things we can all agree on, yes? The ability to pose is important. An extensive interchangeable wardrobe is high on my list as well. What's important to you? If you've found her, please let me know.


AuntLou said...

She (& he) may be out there, but I've stopped looking, because "perfect" doesn't come in my price range. Vita comes close, though, with changeable face plates, eyes (right?) and wigs. I want to play without worrying that I should have left her in pristine condition. I don't want to take out insurance on my playthings. I want a doll, not a god - or even an investment. :)

Gina C said...

I dont have a picture accessible right now, but my perfect doll so far is Tonner's first Regina. She has presence, personality, and she looks wonderful in everything. The only thing I would change is I wish she had convertible feet but I can live without them. She rules my collection!