Trend Feature: New Year's Eve Party Wear

New Year's Eve! You're in the home stretch and the end is near! I know you've got one final great party in you. Tomorrow you can veg in sweats on the couch recovering and groaning about misbehavior but tonight is all about fun. Unlike previous party attire you are no longer beholden to dress codes or color schemes and actually, the glitzier the better. 

Start the new year with a bang in a glitter crusted sheath. The muted color keeps it from being too gaudy. Leave the sparkle to the dress and opt for a simple gold multi-chain necklace and filigree earrings for decoration. A strapped clutch means you'll never be searching for your gloss or have cash go missing. Pull hair back in a clean up-do to balance the dress but leave some sexy tendrils. Smokey eyes and nude lips finish the look.
Kiera in Empire

Tonight is the perfect night to go all out! Top a vintage brocade dress with a recycled or faux fur chubbie. Add pearls, open toe pumps and simple black clutch to round out the look. A classic side swept bun makes it possible to amp up the glamour on your face. Pull out the black liquid liner, a shimmery highlight on the brow bone, lots of mascara and your favorite red lipstick.

La Brava in Empire

If you're partying in the warmer climates, take advantage of it. A gold flecked hot peach dress against tan skin is gorgeous. Remember, the lower the cut in the front, the lower the hemline! Add solid gold jewelry, loose waves and a sexy nude pout. 

Felicia in Empire

If you're mixing business with pleasure, keep the drinks to a minimum and the "pretty" maxed out in a strapless bubble dress. Here I have lopped off the bottom half of Idyllic's gown (gasp!) to reveal the young sweet dress within. The white tulle roses can look heavy so keep the accessories small and clean. A simple black belt gives shape to the waist. Rhinestone earrings give a little sparkle without competing with the dress. Try gold heels and a simple black clutch to finish if off. The half up-do keeps the hair fresh while the lip color brings attention back to your face.  

Tonner Glamorous Red in Tonner dress

There you have it! I hope I was able to help you navigate the party waters this season. Remember to have fun with your clothes and that you only get a certain amount of times to dress up so go for it! 


MJ said...

La Brava!!!

Sam said...

Yep! You caught her doing cheap modeling assignments before she went on to fame and fortune! :)

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