Tip #9

I was going to add this to the Tip Page but I think it's too important to miss. 

This tip isn't exclusive to painters. It goes for rerooters, jewelers, photographers and seamstresses too. There are a few dangers inherent to our professions that can shorten the life of your career, namely back problems and joint issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendonitis. Remember to take the time to give yourself a good stretch every other hour or so. If you can pick up a yoga or pilates class or even do it at home, even better. Strong core=strong back=longer career=less stress. You may not think you have the time or money to invest in yourself but think of how much money you will lose if you can't do your job anymore. 


Exclusive: The Tom Courtney Interview You Won't Want to Miss

Monday I'll be talking to Tom Courtney about his recent departure from the Tonner Doll Co., what his passions are and where he may be going next. Tom is also graciously accepting select questions from YOU so be sure to write them in the comments section of this post (question deadline is tomorrow night) and tune in next week to see what he has to say. 


Trend Feature: Dressy Holiday Party Wear

So your next holiday party invite says: Dressy. I'm here to help. 

If you're a little younger and have great legs, show them off! To keep it theme appropriate, try a traditional fabric like velvet. The burgandy color is sophisticated but the length, puff sleeves and trim keep it from aging you. Pair with swingy earrings and fun gold shoes. Long wavy hair also keeps the look young as does the light make-up palette.
Antoinette by Yu

If you want a little more splash try a brighter red. This Red Silk Thread dress is all you'll need to get attention while staying polished. You'd think bright red and metallics would be too much but the aged tone of the silver keeps it from going over the top. Keep jewelry to a minimum and shoes classic. In this case balance out the dress with sparkly earrings and red lips or the dress will be wearing you. Secret: this dress doesn't actually have pockets but that's the great thing about having extra fabric in a skirt! 
Tonner Glamorous Red

For a little more adult look try midnight blue. The subtle shimmer and pattern paired with the clean silhouette is universally flattering. Accent with sparkling jewelry although unlike the picture here, choose either the necklace or bracelets, don't do both. A soft up-do and smokey eye/nude lip duo is always appropriate.

Felicia by Halo
Dress by Empire
Bracelets by Facets

Finally I have the Tonner Glamorous Red dress. It is just this side of too much, being red and satin and ruffly! Tone it down with a black car coat and skinny black belt. Normally I wouldn't be so matchy matchy but I adore these shoes by Integrity too much not to use them. If this look is a little much for you, try buttoning the coat and using it as a dress. The texture keeps it from being matronly and the shoes add festivity. Jigamaree's Dae Jang Geum in Deva Doll wig.

With all this color, keep
eyes smokey or clean and
lips nude.
The clean black dress
allows you to introduce
a brighter lip color

Next Monday I will cover New Year's Parties!