Smooth Away

I received a Smooth Away from my mom at some point which got put away under the sink and never saw the light of day. However, as the Turbie Twist turned out to be such a delight I figured I'd pull it out and give it a try. 

If you haven't seen it, the Smooth Away markets itself as a razor free alternative to shaving. I hadn't seen an advertisement on it so I didn't know what to expect. The pack came with a large size for legs and a small size for armpits, knees and stuff and replacement pads. Basically it's a micro fine sandpaper pad on a rubber hand applicator and the idea is that you buff off the hair. There are two grains, a finer one they suggest you start with and a slightly heavier one for coarse hair. There were also instructions that I chose to skim as I figured it was pretty basic. Silly me.

The instructions say to buff clockwise 3 times and then counterclockwise 3 times. Repeat if necessary. I just started buffing away at my legs as if they were wooden table legs to be resurfaced. To its credit, the hair did come off along with a lot of dry skin so that was good. And my legs feel really smooth. But they also feel like they have major razor burn lol and aloe vera gel might be in order.

As the hair grows out I'll be sure to update here. I'll be interested if ingrowns become a problem or if I can master this so it's pain free next time. Have to say, kinda nice to be able to do it while being on the computer and saves on the water bill! The small applicator has been commandeered for smoothing Matt's jaw after resculpting though lol.

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ANGELS Doll Studio said...

ROFLOL I bought this same exact thing, and I also kept the small applicator to use to sand down doll's faces--and I had Matt in mind when I put it in my supply drawer. Great minds think alike! xo