Tip #10: No-Poo!

Your hair can incur a lot of damage in winter with styling and heat. If it's looking as tired as mine was, think about trying the "no-poo" or Curly Girl method of washing your hair with conditioner. The principle is that shampoos with sulfates actually do more harm than good by striping too much of your natural oils out and that a healthier clean can come from washing with conditioner and properly massaging the dirt off the scalp. Somehow it manages to make your hair soft, clean and prolong the time in between washes.

I've been using the Wen system for about a year now. It's the same method only Chaz's formula is like a Snuggie for your hair. I was introduced to it last year when Alyssa did the Wen infomercial and it's definitely saved me from having to lop off a couple of inches due to damage. My hair is longer, my color lasts longer and I use less product than ever before. The link I gave for Wen is for informative purposes only though. If you're going to try it I suggest getting some from QVC or Amazon because if you order from the site you are agreeing to a 3 month trial and it's a PITA to cancel. Besides you only need to use it a couple of weeks to see if it's for you. 

Now this isn't for everyone. Some people think it weighs down their hair too much. I admit, there were a few things to get used to, namely no suds! The next being my hair didn't have that stripped down clean feel (which apparently isn't that good for it, go figure lol) and lastly, ditching my silicon smoothing products. Once you step outside the cycle of strip down/build up/rinse and repeat you'll be amazed at how good your hair can feel. Once in a great while I'll shampoo for a deep clean but most of the time I just stick to Wen. Oh, and the L'Oreal no-sulphate shampoo strips my hair just as much as regular shampoos so if you know of a better one, please share!

The Curly Girl method states you can use whatever conditioner you choose and get similar results. I haven't tried this with other conditioners but if any of you have and have a favorite then let us know!

Good luck!

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