This summer has flown by! I've spent most of it working on projects but was able to jet to Vegas this weekend to catch the last day of the International Fashion Doll Convention. On a whim I persuaded my mom to come with me and we spent the next 24 hours bonding like never before lol. I hadn't been to IFDC since the Ontario, CA one way back when but when Superdoll comes to town, you make the trip. 

I was hoping to get there Saturday in time to visit the salesroom as I was curious to see everyone's wares but we missed it by thatmuch. Instead we had lunch and people watched! The United States Pageant with Miss Teen and Jr Miss Teen was going on at the same time and the similarities between collectors/dolls and wranglers/contestants wasn't lost. Our dolls might be impossibly shaped but at least they're happy about it. Some of those poor girls...

Almost as fun as people watching was introducing my mom to our world of doll collecting. She'd never seen us en masse before and seeing a "straight" take it all in was as fascinating to me as it was for her to learn about it. I imagine coming in and seeing people dressed up in Wizard of Oz costumes with their matching dolls could take a little getting used to. To us it's just normal lol.

We spent the rest of the afternoon laughing with friends over drinks until it was time for the final dinner. Once everyone was fed and most of the presentations were over, mom and I snuck in to say hello to some collectors I knew were attending. It was great to put faces to names! We shared a chair at the "Superdoll table" (thanks, guys and gals!) and applauded winners of costume contests, treasure hunts and more. After dinner was a room party which went til the early hours with even more laughter. I don't know that we even discussed dolls much and I would have loved to have picked everyone's brains to get their thoughts but it was just as fun to hear about what they liked outside of our shared interest.

I don't collect 12" dolls any more but I thought the convention dolls were perfect for the event. The two witches were my favorites with Dorothy trailing but I think it's safe to say there was something for everyone. The paper dolls might have been my favorite of all. I love the way Integrity supports this convention.

There were so many people I didn't get to meet who I really would have liked to but hopefully there's next year. With the Tonner convention being held in Chicago or the east coast and the Integrity one so hard to get into, IFDC is a good substitute for those on the west coast who use opportunities like these to not only see product in person but also to meet up with long time friends. With vendors like Angelic Dreamz and Superdoll attending, I'd like to see more 16" collectors there next year and maybe even a Tonner sponsored event.

In any case it was just what the doctor ordered! I returned happy and recharged, ready to hit the next round of painting and grateful for the time I got to spend with my mom and my friends :)

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