Getting Back on the Horse

So I'm in the process of listing my first doll in almost a year and a half. This will be only the second auction for me in almost two and a half years. I'll get into the "whys" later. Needless to say, every step is taking FOREVER!!

The first hurdle was to be comfortable in the office again (that's a whole other Oprah). The next was to sit down and paint. You don't realize the physicality of sitting and painting until you're not used to doing it on a regular basis. After a couple of hours my back was killing me and my hand was aching so I could only do it for so long. I've literally been working on and off on this doll for a month.

Next was the photo shoot...pulling clothes and accessories. Again, I haven't been acquainted with my office for over two years so I didn't know "what" was "where". You should have heard me: "I know I have jewelry around here somewhere! Don't I have something that looks like "this"? And where the fuck is it???" When I get some time, I'm going to have to go through this place. I was pulling out things I didn't know I had which was kinda cool because I've got some beautiful pieces and now I'm excited to paint around them.

I also had to get used to taking pictures again. Trying to remember the settings on my camera to show off detail was frustrating but I figured it out. I forgot how much this step hurts the back too though...stooping down to get the shots or repositioning the doll. I've been sitting on ice for the last two days.

I'm currently working on editing the photos with my trusty carpal tunnel glove on. My editing computer is old and slow so before I could even import the pics I had to dump about 9k pics onto an external drive to free up space. It was tedious to say the least. Of course it wouldn't let me just drag and drop. I had to do it at a pace of 30 pics at a time so finally after 6 hours that was done. The upside was that they're mostly saved pictures of other repainter's work so I had a lovely, inspiring trip down memory lane. I consider myself to be so fortunate to have all of them as most of the artists don't paint anymore and these dolls are so beautiful.

I struggled to remember my photoshop routine. I don't generally do much: I crop and resize the picture, adjust the color balance if necessary, sometimes adjust the color of the background and blur it to keep the pictures uniform but that's it. Nothing gets done to the doll itself. Still took some time to figure it out though.

The final step will be to upload the pictures to my site and create the sales page. Even I'm intrigued with how long it will take considering I haven't so much as looked at my site in years. I don't even remember how to access it! I'm hoping my automatic pilot will kick in because racking my brain isn't helping lol.

Fingers crossed!

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k. said...

Everytime I do anything on my website I have to email and ask for them to update my password. Good luck. :) k.