A little more About Me:

Well, I've worked within many aspects of the entertainment industry, such as:
  • Costume design in film
  • Production work
  • Starring in national commercials
I've also been fortunate enough to have played with stars for much of my adult life which plays a big part in my aesthetics.

Fun Fact – In September 2005, I was asked by the tv show Charmed to produce a set of dolls to be used in an episode for their final season. As I had worked on the show on and off since season 2 as either background, doubling one of the actresses or as a full time stand-in. They knew of my work on dolls; it was a little hectic as I had a one week turnaround, but the costume department took care of the costumes, so I knew I could get it done! When all was said and done, the producers were beyond happy with the dolls (and the actors even asked about getting ones for themselves)! The episode aired in January of 2006 and is called "Payback's a Witch".

In the 'real world' – I've worked as a seamstress for the international sportswear line Lacoste's 2008 campaign in April of '07; then was invited to come back and head the department later that year for the Fall campaign! 

I've also been featured in the following:

Haute Doll (Now a supplement to Doll Reader):
  • March/April 2005 Shopping Break featuring Empire pg.30
  • September/October 2006 Style Aisle featuring Empire pg.80-83
  • June 2007 Spotlight on Halo Repaints pg.82-89
  • Sci-Fi Issue Summer 2007: Sam doll for Project Dollway pg.27; Artist Profile pg.38- 43
  • Accessories Issue Fall 2007: Sam doll for Project Dollway pg.30; On the Links featuring Empire designed accessories pg.40; Sydney repaint "Circe" and outfit from Kim Bennett pg.43; Robert prototype pg.130-131
  • Art Issue Winter 2007: Sydney repaint "Nadia" pg.54; The Insider tutorial on painting male dolls pg.128-129
  • Goth Issue Spring 2008: On the Links featuring Empire Wicca Wear and Daphne repaint, "Sybil" pg.66-70; Empire top pg.73; Sam Doll and outfit for Project Dollway pg. 80, 108-109; Petyr Van Abel repaint for Doll Divas Charity Auction pg.116
  • Glamour Issue Summer 2008: Ad designed by Matt Powley pg.17; Christina St. Clair doll in Andrea Jacques fashions pg.36-43; First Person article on Charmed pg.62-64